The Last Bits

sally ann 4th ave croppedThe last thrift shop that my sister and I visited on our Vancouver trip a few weeks ago was the Salvation Army on 4th Avenue in Kitsilano. This is an old favourite of ours – it’s fun to shop in thrift shops located in trendy parts of the city because their stock reflects their community.

This Sally Ann has a great selection of clothes and shoes but it also has some fun housewares, books and CDs. It was really busy on the afternoon we were there and the line-ups for the changing rooms were really long so I actually ended up rehanging some of the things I was considering. Not sure if I’ve ever done that before!

Still I came home with a couple of finds:

joe jean skirt detailI’ve wanted a shorter black skirt for a while already and so when I found this one in great condition I bought it without trying it on. Luckily it fits perfectly.

argyle golf sweater
This cool golf sweater looks great on my hubby…

argyl golf sweater sleeve detailand I love the little detail on the sleeve.

jack johnson between dreamsAND, I found this Jack Johnson CD. He’s a recent favourite of mine – am very excited to be seeing him in concert this summer.

So that’s the last of that shopping adventure. What treasures have you found lately?

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3 Responses to The Last Bits

  1. Karyn says:

    I love finding things during one of those short “in and outs.” Meagan and I had 15 minutes before our next appointment, knew that it was half-price day at MCC and decided to do a quick 360 through the store. She found a name-brand hoodie she already had- but in different colors; I found a grey H & M skirt. As in your experience, the line-ups for the change rooms were too long so I tried the skirt on over my jeans and confirmed the fit that way. We both left with great finds after spending a whopping $5.00. And we still made it to our appointment on time!

  2. Looks like you found some great stuff! I’ve never heard of Jack Johnson but now I’m curious : )

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