Vacation Thrifting in Oliver BC

One of the things I love to do on vacation is thrift shop. It’s just fun to see what other communities support in terms of charities and what people donate. One of the unique opportunities I’ve had is to revisit a thrift shop in Oliver, BC, where my family vacations each summer.

Oliver Hospital Thrift Shop

Oliver Hospital Thrift Shop

The Hospital Auxiliary thrift shop is a good sized store with really friendly volunteers. Things are very reasonably priced a you’ll see below. The special this week was to fill a bag with books for $5 – but I didn’t find any books I particularly wanted. (Hard to believe, I know.) Still, I came home with a few gems.

jar with shells smMy sister bought this pretty glass bowl for me, so that I can put some of the seashells and rocks that I collected on my recent trip to Scotland in it and set it on my desk at work. I love how it catches the light.

cardigan smSomeone who shops at Cleo was cleaning out her closet – hurray for me! I like Cleo clothing, it’s good quality stuff and most of it is fairly classic. I got this banded cardigan for $4.50 – it’s like new and I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of it.

cleo sweater smThis Cleo sweater has a unique shoulder zipper – for $3.50 it was a steal; it’s in great condition and it’s a classic piece with a twist that I’ll wear again and again.

jantzen sweater smI found this Jantzen sweater for John. It’s got a subtle cable pattern in it and I like the little tag at the bottom.

jantzen sweater detail smIt felt weird buying sweaters when it was 30+C outside but I’m home now and have noticed that my maple tree is already shedding a few leaves… autumn is just around the corner!

Have you found any great thrift shops on your travels this summer?

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  1. Karyn says:

    Jon and I spent the better part of a weekend checking out thrift shops in Lynden, Bellingham, La Connor and Fairhaven…it wasn’t a highly successful experience. Then last weekend I spent too, too much money on some great deals right here in Abbotsford. Yahoo for local finds!! That’s the fun of thrifting….you just never know where you will find things.

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