Lovely Thrift in Lyndhurst

Lyndhurst is a quaint little village in the heart of cottage country in Ontario, along the road between Kingston and Ottawa. In my mind, it has 3 claims to fame:

lyndhurst bridge

the oldest stone bridge in Canada, built in 1857


green gecko

the Green Gecko, an awesome little gift shop, owned by Peter and Terri Dawson – my brother and sister – in – law, which may make me a little biased but i don’t think so


photo 3

and a brand new Thrift Shop at St. Luke’s Anglican Church

















The shop is quite new, having only been in operation since summer 2014. It takes up two rooms in the Manse and carries men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories, books and games and a few other knickknacks and household goods. Rather than pricing things individually, they have general pricing for each category with books and jewelry going for 50c- $1, t-shirts and tops for $2 and Sweaters for $3. The most expensive item in the shop is jackets that go between $5-$10.

photo 2Since it is a new shop, they’re still working out a few things. They don’t have a fitting room yet, so I had to try things on in the bathroom. It was a little tricky balancing on the toilet so I could see in the bathroom mirror. My only criticism is the rod on which the clothing is hung – it seems to be slightly too thick for most of the hangers so it’s hard to slide clothing across to see what’s for sale. But other than that, things were clean and well organized with a nice selection for such a tiny shop.




photo 1

The Thrift Shop supports the summer camp for children that is runs each summer right behind the church – a cause that’s near and dear to my heart since I have been involved in children’s camp ministry here in BC for years.

I picked up a cute little t-shirt from Vanilla Sugar and a pair of sterling silver earrings – all for a whopping $2.50.

anyone know anything about this brand?

anyone know anything about this brand?

these will be pretty for Valentine's Day, don't you think? My sister-in-law polished them up for me so they really shine!

these will be pretty for Valentine’s Day, don’t you think? My sister-in-law polished them up for me so they really shine!

As an aside, the Green Gecko also has a ‘thrift’ section in their gift shop. Pete and Terri stock the Gecko with unique items brought back from Thailand each year or items sourced locally. You’ll find everything from beautifully embroidered silk scarves and clothing to exquisite jewelry to clever greeting cards and soy-based candles. They put discounted items in their ‘thrift’ section so there are deals to be had as well. There are no photos of these things here because that would spoil Christmas for a few people in my family. Just sayin’.

So Lyndhurst, Ontario is well worth a visit – check it out next time you’re in Ontario! And since it’s Thanksgiving weekend – tell me what you’re thankful for. I’m deeply thankful for family – both biological and chosen.

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  1. That tiny church thrift store looks amazing!! Nice find 🙂

  2. Kathy J says:

    if I am ever in this part of the province will look for these places…Thanks for sharing.

  3. Brenda says:

    When are you open, and what are your hours? Thanks Brenda

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