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just a few of my favourite thrifted shoes

just a few of my favourite thrifted shoes

A long time ago, we established that I have a shoe problem. I may also have a boot problem. I love them. At present time I have 5 pairs: winter boots that are ugly but keep my feet super warm, plaid boots which need no justification, brown cowboyish boots and two pairs of black ones. The black ones are a story.

The black boots that I had bought ages ago finally gave up the ghost so I really needed a new pair. Last year, I hunted thrift shops high and low and couldn’t find anything that was comfortable and stylish. I broke down and bought a new pair at the Bay during their 75% off sale.

china boots croppedI learned something here. Being cheap, I set myself a budget of under $100 – which still killed me. I ended up with these for just over $50. They look cool but I can’t wear them if I intend to walk any great distances. My foot floats in them a bit and what I didn’t realize was that one should really sit down when trying on boots: these are so tall that I almost can’t bend my knee when wearing them.

made in chinaAnother thing I learned was that boots made in China are probably not leather. When I got these home, I had to keep them in my garage for weeks so they could “off gas”. YUCK!!

2nd hand boots croppedThis winter, I thought I’d try my luck at second hand stores again and this time, I was successful. I found these beauties for $10 at (evil) Value Village.

made in canadaThey are super comfy and have really sturdy soles so I think I’ll be able to walk to and from work in them. I like the lace up detail in the back and they’re made in Canada – to boot!

Anyone else out there have a shoe/boot weakness?

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  1. Benita says:

    Ya your sister 😉

  2. Annie says:

    yep… i have also got a weakness for boots and shoes…. i have about 5 pairs of boots too… mostly from thrift shops. LOVE them. noooo idea how many shoes i have….

  3. Kathy J says:

    Hurrah for Made in Canada !!

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