Return to Victoria

me and my favourite traveling buddy

me and my favourite traveling buddy

I had another chance to accompany my hubby to the provincial capital last week and scored big at a couple of thrift shops in downtown Victoria. I’m always amazed at the number of thrift shops that populate the tourist area of this town: the Sally Ann rubs shoulders with a trendy bakery, the WIN thrift shop with a popular pub and so on. It makes for an interesting mix of humanity when you’re walking the streets and I really like that. Here’s what I found:

IMG_6428The Salvation Army on Store St. had a great collection of 45s and I came out with a sentimental find: The DiFranco Family’s “It’s a LoveBeat”. This was the first record I ever bought with my own money at the record store on Fraser Street (does anyone remember what that was called?) I always loved the B-side “Sweet, sweet Loretta”. I don’t know what I’ll do with this (Aaron says I should frame it) but for 50c, it was a total nostalgia buy.

IMG_6435I also found a great long sleeved Levis T for John. IMG_6431

On Pandora Street I stopped in at the Beacon Community Services thrift shop and bought a like-new sweater for John for just $3 (red tags half price!)

And a little further up the road at the WIN thrift shop, I found few quirky items. This is easily my favourite thrift shop in Victoria: great selection, interesting stuff, super friendly staff and nice environment.

Love this fun t-shirt:

IMG_6429And this quilted jacket/top caught my eye

IMG_6423 – the brass hook closures sold it.

IMG_6425Are you aware of other touristy cities that have great thrift shops?


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  1. kathy J says:

    Good finds! I was surprised at how low the price on the sweater was.

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