Purge, Don’t Organize

our "crafts" room

our finally cleaned”crafts” room

Last week something came over me and I cleaned a room in my house. Not just any room but the room we euphemistically call “the crafts room.” Most of you have a room like this in your house only you’re more realistic and you call it your “junk room.”

Ours got its name because when we first moved in it actually stored crafts supplies – paints, rubber stamps, my sewing cabinet, paper making/candle making stuff, cross-stitching stuff, calligraphy pens and inks, scrapbooking crap. It is also where I store my huge collection of Christmas stuff, my extra books (because, you know, extra books). We keep our golf clubs and vacuum cleaner here as well as my laundry drying rack. It’s where we store empties until we’re tripping over them and finally take them to get the $6 – we get so excited about that.

the other side

the other side

Anyway, last week, I reached the tolerance threshold. There was so much junk in there that I couldn’t reach my laundry rack without tripping over bags and boxes of stuff. I couldn’t hang anything of length on the rack because there was stuff underneath it. I’d had it.

love those tower fans. and extra books.

love those tower fans. and extra books.

So I purged. I got rid of the oscillating fan that takes up a ton of space because I also have two tower fans that don’t. I got rid of magazines and old text books, filled a whole recycling bag with scraps of paper, cardboard, plastic containers and other junk. I collapsed a ridiculous amount of cardboard boxes that I was saving “just in case.” (Just in case of what? What?!)

Aaron's comic book long boxes. He buys and resells comic books and has actually made money  at it.

Aaron’s comic book long boxes. He buys and resells comic books and has actually made money at it.

I sent a whack of stuff to the thrift shop, put other items into other cupboards and closet areas and even created enough space for my son to store his comic book long boxes.

a small selection of my Christmas stuff. i may have a problem.

a small selection of my Christmas stuff. i may have a problem.

Now I have a room where I can see the floor! I can hang stuff on the drying rack and it doesn’t hit anything underneath it! I can walk from one end of the room to the other and not have to climb over anything!

a bit more of my Christmas stuff. okay, i do have a problem.

a bit more of my Christmas stuff. okay, i do have a problem.

It’s pathetic, but I can’t tell you how HAPPY this makes me.

Today I found a link to one of those “life hack” things called “15 minimalist hacks to maximize your life.” I am not necessarily a minimalist person by nature – I find minimalist spaces are sometimes cold and uninviting. Nonetheless, there are a lot of great suggestions in this life hack list. The first one was “Purge, don’t organize.” I finally get it.

Have you ever had an uplifting purge experience?

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5 Responses to Purge, Don’t Organize

  1. Melanie says:

    Congratulations on your purge! What a great feeling. I am on the cusp of another purge. They back-build until I can’t take it anymore. I went to a link – wow, what a house. Of course that owner can follow the list because they have three other houses with craft rooms, heh. You’ve inspired me here. And your recycling efforts are also really encouraging.

  2. Amy Dueckman says:

    Yes, a forced purge. It was called “moving”! (I admit it would not have happened otherwise.)

    • when John and I moved into our home… 18 years ago … we said “We should pretend we’re moving every 2 years, just so we force ourselves to get rid of stuff.” you can imagine how well that went.

  3. I personally LOVE purging my junk. It’s the best part about moving, and the worst part if you haven’t moved in a while. This year I made a personal promise to live more simply. It’s difficult as Im a collector of a million different vintage things, and kinda a hoarder. So far so goo though. Most recently I’ve been purging clothes and consigning them. Feels good to get rid of things I don’t wear, PLUS make money… can’t get better than that 🙂
    You’re room looks great! Would have loved to have seen it before you organized it so well!!

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