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The Grand Canyon from Mather Point. Pretty grand, eh?

We had the privilege of helping my mom cross off a bucket-list item: a visit to the Grand Canyon. My sister, hubby and I really got the biggest benefit because mom paid for nearly all of it. (How’s that for a thrifty travel tip: get someone else to pay for your vacation!)

Benita, Susan, Angelika (me) John in Antelope Canyon

Benita, Susan, Angelika (me) John in Antelope Canyon

Of course mom and sister are my favourite thrifting buddies, so we had to figure out how to get that in there. Hubby didn’t have much of a choice. He was the only one registered to drive the rental car and there was no way he was going to try and talk the three of us out of thrift shopping. (Handy AND wise.)

There are no thrift shops in the Grand Canyon but we also visited Page, Arizona where we visited Antelope Canyon (I will blog about this next week.) Page is a small town, population just over 7000 (for you in BC, that’s about the same as Hope.) Amazingly, this little town sports 3 thrift shops and we visited them all!

Family Bargain Centre

IMG_1556This is a typical thrift shop run mostly by volunteers. It supports the Page Regional Domestic Violence Services which include an emergency shelter and programs for youth. They also partner with the food bank. Things were clean and well-organized and Cheri Brown, the manager, was very friendly and helpful. She told us that the community is very generous and people will drive from neighbouring towns to make donations. Love that.

glasses chainMy mom scored the most picking up a pair of jeans that fit like a glove (don’t even have to hem them!) and a couple of t-shirts. I picked up this eyeglass chain for $1. This is my new favourite thing. I’m preparing for my next career as a clerk in a used bookstore.

Busy Bee Thrift Shop

IMG_1560Turns out, this isn’t really a thrift shop but a consignment store. It focused strictly on household items, furniture and jewelry/curios.

IMG_1561Did I say “Jewelry”? As in my-mom’s-favourite-thing-ever? She scored again with some silver/turquoise rings for just $4 each and a turquoise bead necklace. Sorry I don’t have pictures!

Cancer Outreach Thrift Centre

IMG_1565This shop was tucked away in a bit of an industrial feeling street and in a converted house that had a definite “hacienda” feel to it. It made for a fun layout, moving from room to room to explore the different areas. The back was more like a warehouse with things crammed into it.

sleeveless jjill topThings were priced quite reasonably and I scored this J. Jill linen beaded tank for $1 because it was a white tag half price sale. My only complaint here was that there didn’t seem to be any obvious fitting rooms.

Next week I’ll share a few cheap travel tips for the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon. In the meantime – have you been thrifting in Arizona? Tell me where to go next time!

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  1. Hamilton says:

    I do love some good thrifting. It looks like you guys had a ball. Happy travels!

  2. Melanie says:

    The majesty of that canyon is absolutely overwhelming. I have never been there but imagine it would have a huge impact in person. What a wonderful place to spend time with your family and get some great mementos at nearby thrift shops.

    • i wasn’t looking forward to going to the Grand Canyon but it totally won me over. It was Antelope Canyon that was truly amazing (that’s us in Antelope Canyon above). I’ll share more about that next week – stay tuned!

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