Big Score, Little Shops – Thrifting in Ontario

mom with angelika 4 downslizedI recently visited the nation’s capital, Ottawa, for a very special purpose: to remember my mother-in-law, Vivian Dawson, who passed away in February. I won the lottery when it comes to in-laws: James and Vivian were the best second set of parents a girl could want: supportive, loving, ridiculously generous, not meddlesome in any way ( in fact, we had to really go to them for advice!) and both with a great sense of humour. They’re both gone now… it was good to have the time to remember Vivian’s rich life and legacy.


ok. this is an old photo – it was NOT snowing in Ottawa when we were there this time!

I also scored in the sister-in-law category as all my second sisters love a good bargain and always accommodate my thrift-shopping addiction passion. (Perhaps appropriately named) Penny, took me and Aaron for a quick jaunt to the Salvation Army on Merivale Road (the bonus being that there’s also a Goodwill right beside it.)

I’ve been in this shop several times before and have always scored. I love this shop. The staff and volunteers do a fantastic job of organizing their wares, they have great, colour-coordinated displays throughout the shop, and they’re knowledgeable and helpful. The shop is a nice size: big enough to have lots to look through, small enough that you’re not overwhelmed. Big changing rooms, good lighting – it’s just a pleasure to shop there.

I really needed a new black top to wear to the memorial service and found one but also scored this cool top.

IMG_8674The photo just doesn’t do it justice – in fact, it looks awful in the pic but it’s great on.

IMG_8682It has an off-centre cut, nice button detail and is that flour-sack-cotton texture that breathes and feels cool on the skin even when it’s warm out.

IMG_8683Aaron scored when he found these comics.

photo 2After the memorial service, the family spent the weekend together in Lyndhurst – a lovely little village between Ottawa and Kingston that also boasts a teeny, tiny thrift shop and an antique shop. The thrift shop (above) is housed in the manse of St. Luke’s church, it’s basically comprised of two little rooms. The shop supports the summer camp that’s on the lake property right behind the church, which we also toured. (The antique shop is housed in an unheated, unlit building and is stuffed to the rafters with, well, stuff.) I didn’t find any treasures this time around but Aaron scored big time, mostly at the church thrift shop:

IMG_8673Moosehead beer ball cap – why these old-school mesh caps are making a comeback, I’ll never know but hey.


IMG_8693A few books to add to his collection

it's in your head now, isn't it?

it’s in your head now, isn’t it?

A 45 of Eye of the Tiger because, you know, Eye of the Tiger.

IMG_8685AND this mint-condition collection of TimeLife Swing Era LPs. Each box set comes with 3 albums and a booklet that talks about that specific time period. They look as though they’ve never been played and they sound amazing.

IMG_8687Okay are you ready? For the hat, two books, the 45 and the LP set: $5. Right? I was expecting to pay $5 for each LP set. In hindsight, we should have! Honestly, how are they really going to support that camp at those awesome prices? Anyway, not complaining. Here’s a link to a little video about the thrift shop, their community and their ministry – it’s worth a look and definitely worth a visit if you’re in this area over the summer.

Have you ever paid more than what the price tag asked for at a thrift shop?

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  1. Terri says:

    Thanks for visiting our lovely little village of Lyndhurst again! 🙂 When a Thrift shop is small (like the one in our village) I often to round-up to the nearest bill when I make my purchases. IE) if my total is $22.75 I’ll give them $25 and ‘keep the change’. I often find the prices at these small Thrift shops so low and what they are trying to accomplish with the fund raising so great that I’m still getting a huge deal even if I pay a couple $ more than ‘asking’. Today was a Sale at our Lyndhurst Thrift store. I got 2 grocery bags of clothes AND 6 cinnamon buns for $15 (asking price $12).

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