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Some of the offerings at Peas in a Pod

Some of the offerings at Peas in a Pod

My friend Julia is a creative person with an old soul. She has done a number of creative things over the years including scrap booking and card making. She’s always loved thrift shopping, looking for vintage things and antique furniture. One of her prized possessions came to her as a gift: her grandmother’s treadle Singer sewing machine.

“I love the look of it but mostly I love it because it was hers,” Julia says.

She also has her great grandmother’s dining room table and other family heirlooms scattered throughout her home. But added to these treasures are the things she’s begun collecting and refurbishing herself like fine china, pinwheel crystal, odd chairs, and a really unique item: ferry lamps.

The little crystal lamp in the middle is called a Ferry Lamp

The little crystal lamp in the middle is called a Ferry Lamp

“I discovered that these were actually used on ferries to light the dining room tables,” she says. “But I also think of them as ‘faery’ lamps because they cast such a unique, twinkling light.”

Lately, her creative juices have turned to furniture; buying old pieces and turning them into gems that would fit into any modern home while still retaining their inherent, vintage charm. Her creativity is matched by her hutzpah – a fearlessness that enables her to see beyond the crappy foam and ugly upholstery on an old wooden chair to its potential. She blames Pinterest.

julias chair beforejulias chair“I would see other people doing this on Pinterest an I’d think ‘well, I can do that’ – and so I did,” she says.

Mostly, Julia was looking for a new creative outlet, doing something that she hadn’t done before. She loves thrift shopping and loves the idea of turning something old into something new. She’s taken classes at Spruce Collective in Abbotsford and the rest has just been a matter of finding the right pieces and the right tools to change those pieces into something new.

Here’s a few more of her gems:

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Julia and her friends Chrissy and Tonia all share this love of thrift, vintage and refurbishing. They decided to pool their love and resources and sell their items to others. Together they call themselves “Peas in a Pod” and they’ll be selling their goods at the Vintage Barn Market in Chilliwack at the end of October. Check out their Peas in a Pod Facebookpage to see the kinds of things they’ll be offering

“We have a very eclectic, very cool mix of things, there will be something there for everyone,” Julia says.

Methinks Julia’s Can-do attitude is definitely half of her success and something that I don’t really possess. (Just thinking about it makes me tired!) What about you? What’s your best refurbishing project?

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