Friday Finds in February

! stopped in at a favourite little thrift shop in Abbotsford last Friday: the Hidden Treasures shop. I like this store for a bunch of reasons: 1) they support M2W2, a ministry to those in prison, 2) they provide volunteer opportunities for people who live with developmental disabilities and 3) they have great prices.

Super comfy jeans are worth every penny you pay for them but it's also awesome when you only pay pennies for them!

Super comfy jeans are worth every penny you pay for them but it’s also awesome when you only pay pennies for them!

One of the things I particularly like about their prices is that they don’t individually price each item. Tops are a certain price, pants a certain price, coats a certain prices and so on. They might price a very unique item specifically but mostly it’s just generalized pricing. This makes it easier on volunteers and, I think, for customers.

I picked up the great pair of jeans pictured above and a cool crocheted cardigan.

cardigan horizontalI have a cream coloured one that’s similar that I wear all the time. $5 for the jeans, $4 for the sweater. Done!

what did you find in your thrift hunts last weekend?

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2 Responses to Friday Finds in February

  1. I like that store too-they still sell VHS tapes, and for cheap, unlike VV 🙂 Had some good finds there, like the original Star Wars trilogy.

  2. Marlene says:

    I went shopping to my favourite thrift store with my friend and our 4 year old daughter’s. FUN! Ella found a stuffed horse (horses are her new love), and 4 little plastic horses (wow, was she thrilled). I also bought 2 pair of leggings for Ella which she has worn non-stop since that day, a few books, 3 puzzles, a picture frame and a wooden bunk bed for her dolls (exactly what I had wanted to get her, but wasn’t prepared to spend a lot of money on). There are no prices on the items. The cashier looked through my full IKEA bag and charged me 8 Euro for everything. I LOVE this place.

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