The Secret to the Cheapest Thrift Shopping Experience Ever

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Yesterday, this beautiful Monoreno shawl jacket made its way out of an MCC thrift shop and into my closet. Monoreno is a fashion house based in L.A. They describe themselves as having bohemian sensibilities – quite true when you look at their website (if you actually want to see the clothes, scroll to the bottom of the site and click on “lookbook”. If you click on categories at the top they want you to log in and start shopping – gasp! Apparently looking isn’t free anymore!!)

I absolutely love it. It’s 100% cotton so it totally breathes. I love the drape and the lace insert details. The little pocket is fake but helps to give the jacket a bit of weight so that it drapes nicely.

monoreno price

And the jacket still had the original price tag on it. Yes people, originally $150, sold for $120, marked down to $59.99. I paid none of those prices. This jacket was marked at $8.

My mom, the Queen of Thrift

My mom, the Queen of Thrift

But here’s the best part. The secret to the cheapest thrift shopping experience ever? Take your mom when she’s feeling magnanimous and she’ll pay for it. Yes, dear reader, It cost me nothing. (She took me out for lunch too. I know, right?)

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