Classics in Vancouver

The Wildlife Thrift Store on Drake and Granville is no longer this turquoise colour - it's boring beige now. Still worth visiting!

The Wildlife Thrift Store on Drake and Granville is no longer this turquoise colour – it’s boring beige now. Still worth visiting!

The Wild Life Thrift Shop on Granville and Drake in Vancouver is one of my favourite thrift shops. It is run by hipsters who play great music and who interact with the locals in a genuinely friendly and helpful fashion. They also carry great stuff – an eclectic mix of furniture and household goods as well as clothing, shoes, books and vinyl. I almost missed it this time around because they’ve painted their building – it used to be a kind of turquoise/hospital green, now it’s boring beige. Still I found a couple of treasures.

harrris tweed hatThis great, classic Harris Tweed hat fits perfectly and I’ve needed a good brown-toned hat, so for $8 this was a good find for my growing hat collection.

font framed

I looked at this framed alphabet art, left the shop, spent a few hours doing other things downtown and then went back to get it – relieved that it was still there. There’s something about word art, calligraphy, fonts, graphic design that just draws me in. I’m pretty sure this is the Helvetica font – about which a documentary has been made, since it revolutionized the graphic design world when it came about. I want it for my office and I know my designer colleague is going to love it. The only thing wrong with it is that it weighs a ton and has no mechanism for hanging but I’ll figure something out. I just couldn’t pass it up at $20.

Do you have a favourite thrift shop? What makes it your favourite?


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  1. downmyfront says:

    I’m visiting vancouver this summer ( from the uk) and love vintage stores! so will try and check it out – thanks for the tip.

    • I hope you enjoy your visit. I’ve been to the UK a couple of times (specifically London and all over Scotland) and love the thrift culture there. Hope you find some treasures on your visit!

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