Record Store Day 2016

free wheelin'Today is International Record Store Day and all over the world, record shops will be celebrating in various ways. Here in Abbotsford it’s pretty low-key but my son and I ventured out to two local places that sell vinyl to check out their wares.

Free Wheelin’ is a relatively new shop in the downtown area of Abbotsford (on Essendene). The shop is run by a lovely older couple who look like hippies and who really know their music. They have a great selection of vintage vinyl as well as new stuff. They also support local musicians, which always warms my heart.

hemmingways gooksIn the next block is Hemmingway’s Used Book Store which now also sells vinyl. They renovated their store a few years ago and the basement now includes books on history, nature, art and more as well as a fairly large section of vinyl. Aaron picked up a few gems:

the guess who live at the paramountThe Guess Who Live at the Paramount has the only recording of this song:

runnin' back to saskatoonRunnin’ Back to Saskatoon. I know, right?

He also found this oddity:

carl reiner mel brooks cannesCarl Reiner and Mel Brooks at the Cannes Film Festival. It was obviously owned by a radio studio because it has stickers on it that inform the owner that it cannot be aired. We haven’t listened to it yet but Aaron said “it sounds like a podcast”. I know, right?

the best of aretha franklinAnd, the best of Aretha Franklin, because, you know, Aretha. Respect.

Do you remember the first piece of vinyl you ever bought? (Mine was a 45 of Heart Beat It’s a Love Beat/Sweet, Sweet Loretta by the De Franco Family. Recently found a copy in a thrift shop that I picked up for obvious nostalgia. )


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