On a Mission

hippy dress detailMost of the time, I’m comfortable in my skin and in my clothes. Then, summer happens. Whereas in fall and winter I cuddle up in great sweaters, jeans and comfy sweat pants, in spring and summer, the weather dictates that more of me will be exposed to the world.

If there were no mirrors or reflective glass anywhere in the world, I’d probably be fine (think about that one for a minute) but there it is. I care what I look like. Mostly I just want to be healthy (mentally as well as physically) and that is actually my biggest motivation for exercising and eating differently. My doctor gave me the warning last week – if you want to avoid high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes, lost weight. And knowing that all three of these can actually be managed by “simply” losing weight, I am determined to make it so.

In the meantime, the warm weather we are experiencing again on the West Coast means I gotta wear something! So I went on a bit of a mission last week when I was in Mission, BC. I visited the MCC Thrift Shop there and came home with two fun things:

detail of the embroidery on the front of this skirt. cool, eh?

detail of the embroidery on the front of this skirt. cool, eh?

I love skirts. I just find them so much more comfortable than pants. I love the detail on this one and I got it for a mere $3 because a seam had come apart in the lining. Five minutes with a needle and thread and it was fixed.

folk fest, here i come.

folk fest, here i come.

Then there’s this. Can you say “folk music festival”? “hello hippy”? “uber granola”? I even have Birkenstocks to go with it. I know, right?

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2 Responses to On a Mission

  1. Lady Demelza says:

    I have four dresses the same as that green one. Mine started off rainbow-coloured, but I dyed them all maroon. (Tip – that won’t work very well if you’re starting with green fabric.) The first two I found in an op shop, and the next, shock, horror, I actually bought them new. My excuse – I live in the sub-tropics. It’s summer all the time. It’s pretty much the only thing I can wear most days. Here in Nimbin, I’ll usually see at least one other woman in the street wearing one of these on any given day. And yes, my shoes are Birkenstocks.

  2. Lady Demelza says:

    Actually, I just remembered, you might remember my first one here from here –
    That’s the only one with the V-neck. The other three have a round neck like yours.

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