Puzzling Weather (or not…)

the view from my window in Twillingate

the view from my window in Twillingate

It’s 5C outside. The wind is howling, it’s pouring rain. And I’m on vacation.

Welcome to Newfoundland in June. To be fair, it was 17C and sunny yesterday and the day before. That was Gros Morne – now I’m in Twillingate and it looks like we’re in for a bit of this kind of weather.

gorgeous, isn't it?

gorgeous, isn’t it?

Mostly that’s okay because I did come  here to see icebergs, after all. And when the weather is too lousy for even that, what does one do?


One puzzles. John picked up this one at the (evil) Value Village in Halifax for $4 and since we’re here for 3 nights, this is what we’ll do! Yay, thrift!

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  1. Lady Demelza says:

    Oh that is gorgeous. I’ve never seen an iceberg in my life – I would love to.

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