Ugly Christmas Sweater Success

ah the good old days.

ah the good old days.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater has gone the way of so many other things associated with Christmas: death by commercialization. The original concept was so great: find a vintage sweater, that was once sold as a nice sweater but in today’s ethos is actually ugly and wear that OR turn your own sweater into an ugly one by making it so. But because the trend is so popular, finding an actual vintage sweater has become far more challenging than it used to and making your own? Well, why would you do that when you can just buy one? Nowadays, (wow, that made me sound like an old fart) you just hop to your local mall or find an store and drop your $$ and you have the appearance of having made an effort.

Well, not in my family.

Benita ugly christmas sweater

My sister, Benita and her talented daughter, Abigail did it the right way, using their talents and their thrifting sense to create this masterpiece.


Isn’t awesome?

Between Michaels and (evil) Value Village, they got all they needed: $4 sweater,$3 scarf (from which Benita made the furry trim) yellow felt 59 cents and fabric glue $7. Abigail drew the image – that part was priceless.

But basically, they created a $15 sweater that’s unique, one-of-a-kind and hilarious!

What’s your ugly Christmas sweater story? Would love to see some photos of your actual vintage finds or your own creations!


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