Misses Clause


You’ve certainly heard about Santa Claus but have you heard about Misses Clause? I learned about this from the folks over at WIN thrift shop in Victoria.

The Misses Clause states that: Any gift given in good will around the holidays can be re-gifted once more if it was a “miss” instead of a “hit”, providing it is gifted in good will to a more appropriate recipient.

I’ve always thought of this as “re-gifting” but I love “Misses Clause” so much better don’t you? So if you got 15 pairs of socks and only need 3, or you got a yet another holiday mug and there’s no more room in the cupboard or you’ve already read that book – you should not feel guilty about re-gifting these to someone who will truly appreciate them. OR you can also re-gift by donating these things to a thrift shop so that another person can enjoy them. Your gift goes to someone who will love it and you’ll support a charity with much needed funds.

All my gifts were hits this year, mostly because they were experiences: concerts, theatre performances, really great tea, chocolate and BOOKS. (I can ever have too many books.)

Have you ever enacted the Misses Clause?

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