Things I’m Still Looking For

You’ve heard all the legends, right? Someone finds a (fill in the blank) at a thrift shop and it turns out to be a thing worth tons of money. This has never happened to me. Ever.

But it could.

Here’s three stories I’ve either heard of lately or have known for a while:

The Green Jacket

Why did it have to be green?

This is one of those things that you’d never expect to find in a thrift shop. Who gives away their Master’s Jacket? I mean, people fight so hard to get this thing, to win this tournament, and then to just give it away? Wouldn’t you donate it to a museum or something? So the person who finds it, pays $5 and sells it for over $139,000. That’s a hole in one. You can read the story here.

Maud Lewis Painting

Louis Silcox, a volunteer, and Karla Richards, the general manager of the New Hamburg Thrift Centre, hold an original Maud Lewis painting discovered at centre amongst donations. The painting is being auctioned off online and bidding has already reached more than $125,000. (Ken Ogasawara/MCC Photo)

My hubby and I just saw Maudie, a movie about Maud Lewis’ life, and I highly recommend it. I’ve been to Halifax twice now and have yet to go into the museum that holds her house – yes, her whole house is so small it fits in a museum. The painting was donated to an MCC Thrift Shop in Ontario, and it’s being sold by auction which makes me feel good, because I know that the thousands it sells for will go to support those in need around the world. The bidding is online, opened April 20th and closes May 19th – so there’s still time for you to get your bid in!

Fluevog Shoes

i mean, come on. they’re so great!

I LOVE John Fluevog’s shoes. So much. I’ve tried on several pairs at his signature store in Gastown, Vancouver and they feel like you’ve been wearing them forever, as soon as you put them on. Sigh. They cost a small fortune. When I first thought about blogging, I did some research on thrift bloggers and fell I love with Apron Thrift Girl, a blogger out of California. She hit the motherlode when she visited an estate sale and found 3 pairs of Fluevogs, in mint condition, all in her size. $3 each. Seriously. This should happen to me. It really should.

Have you ever found anything of exceptional value at a thrift shop?

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6 Responses to Things I’m Still Looking For

  1. marlene balzer says:

    While digging around in the baby blanket section of a local thrift store, I found what looked like a strap, and then another strap. I soon realized it was an ERGO Baby Carrier, identical to the one I had at home (which my sister wanted me to pass on to her, but I wasn’t ready to let go of yet). I knew that it was worth around 100 Euro. I checked it over, and it looked like it hadn’t been used. When I went up to the counter to pay, the elderly gentleman at the till looked at this limp looking ‘thing’, and said “6 Euro bitte”. Alrighty then! I rounded it up to 10 Euro and couldn’t wait to call Anita in Canada to let her know what I had found for her. She was thrilled then, and has put it to such good use over the past 4 years.

  2. Sue Kupp says:

    Unfortunately, the top bidder on the Maud Lewis painting was a fake, so they had to restart the bidding. But they’re up to $45,000 again.

    I found a Miguel Freitas painting at the MCC Centre last week. It’s a print on canvas, but I like it a lot! 🙂

  3. Takiela says:

    I found a pair of Prada ballet flats at a garage sale for $10! Unfortunately they weren’t my size, so I ran a give-away to grow my email list, and I gave them away to the winner!

    • wow, just checked out the Prada shoes – very cool! i think i would do the same thing if I found something like that at a garage sale – especially in such great condition. well done!

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