Surgery, First World Problems and Travel

my good friend Linda brought this little treasure to me when I was in the hospital and it’s still alive!

Back in March, I ended up in the hospital with an inflamed gallbladder. It wasn’t pretty; I was in the Abbotsford hospital for a week, only to be sent home to await surgery which was scheduled for 6 weeks later. My instructions were: eat a low fat diet, don’t do yoga, take it easy. Okay, well the last part was pretty simple. I was super bummed about not being able to do yoga but if it was going to make my gallstone move around and cause more inflammation, I wasn’t going there. The low fat was a challenge but I actually appreciated the things I learned about food, about fat, about portion sizes, etc. and I looked at it as the diet intervention that I needed to change the way I eat! I had successful surgery on April 21 and still 6 weeks later, my surgeon gave me the thumbs up. All better!

What the heck does this have to do with thrift? Well, when you eat a low fat diet for 12+ weeks, you lose weight – in my case, 25 lbs – which means none of my clothes fit anymore and you know what that means, right? I had to go thrift shopping!

I didn’t exactly buy a whole new wardrobe because that would just be silly but I have found a couple of core pieces to get me through the summer. I dug deep into my past life, i.e. grade 9 sewing, and altered a few favourites so that I can still wear them (like the MEC zipper pants I will take with me to Scotland next week!) But the one thing I really needed was a pair of jeans.

I love the pocket detail stitching on these Denver Hayes jeans.

What is it about jeans that makes them so hard to buy? I don’t know. I hit several thrift shops over the last few weeks and it wasn’t until yesterday, when I visited the evil-Value-Village in Langley that I finally found a pair that I quite like. I tried on 12 pairs of jeans. TWELVE. And while I really like the ones I got, I was choked that I had to pay $12.99 for them because I know that if the same pair had been donated to MCC or Bibles for Missions, I’d have paid $4 for them. Sigh.

Oh well, I shant dwell on it. I’m healthy –healthier, actually – I am grateful for family and friends who have supported me throughout this process. I have a job that provides me with great benefits that enabled me to live well while recuperating. Having trouble finding jeans is really a first world problem, right?

AND, I’m going to Scotland on Friday! This is our third visit to this amazing country. I have already noted all the thrift shops in the Outer Hebrides and will definitely visit at least one or two. I’ll blog about those experiences here.  Til then, tell me: what’s your essential travel piece of clothing – the thing you won’t leave home without?


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5 Responses to Surgery, First World Problems and Travel

  1. Takiela says:

    T-shirts, jeans, and flip-flops

  2. Kathy says:

    Glad you are feeling better…have a great trip!

  3. Terri D says:

    A sarong or turkish towel – it’s a towel, scarf, shoulder wrap, skirt, bathing suit cover-up, beach/picnic blanket, roll it into a pillow…… Washes up easily, hang-dries quickly. I always have one in my carry-around pack when I’m travelling. Enjoy your trip!

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