Under a Dollar

This past week I revisited a thrift shop in the Okanagan, the hospital auxiliary thrift shop in Oliver BC. This is what I call a “classic” thrift shop: not huge, a little messy, bit of a ‘garage sale’ feel, super nice volunteers, supports a great cause. One weird thing, though, as of May this year, the shop is closed on Tuesdays. Tuesdays? What’s up with that?

evidently i was so excited to be here that my hands were shaking. sorry for the blurry photo.

Anyway, we went back on Wednesday. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but knew I needed a new pasta spoon. (Mine, part of a wedding gift 31 years ago, lost two of its teeth last month, so it was time for it to retire.)

While trawling through the odds and ends in the household good section I found this cool one, which also allows you to measure dry pasta accurately. Also found a really great ice cube tray (also broke one at home last week, so, score) and anti-slip liner, which I use for cutting boards and throw rugs. The price tag? A whopping 85cents. I know, right?

And then I found a dime in the parking lot, so…

Next week, I’ll share what my son found while in Oliver. In the meantime, tell me: do you look for thrift shops when you travel or is my family just weird that way?



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  1. Thrift stores are sooooo fun because you never know what you will find!!! YAY!

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