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I had the privilege of attending a wedding this summer. Mark and Rachel were married at the always-lovely Tanglebank Gardens in Abbotsford. It was a perfect day – blue skies after a week or more of smoke/haze and a cool evening to enjoy dinner and dancing.

Mr. and Mrs. Rempel, photo credit: Christina Kliewer Photography

I always like to find something unique for wedding gifts – but not so unique that the couple will think I’m crazy (admittedly, that can be a little tricky at times.) I purchased a gorgeous handcrafted serving board, painted by local artist Linda Klippenstein, and tried to match the colours to what the couple had chosen in their gift registry. I was pretty pleased with the purchase.

i loved these so much i bought one for myself too. this isn’t the exact board (neither mine nor Rachel and Mark’s) but very like it. gorgeous, right?

The only trick was that it’s an awkwardly shaped gift that didn’t come with a box, so wrapping was going to be a challenge. I solved the problem by deconstructing and reconstructing a produce box to fit the shape of the board. This protected the art piece and also gave me something to wrap.

Those of you who have followed my blog know that I also like to wrap my gifts uniquely, often opting for colour comics or old calendars instead of retail gift wrap. But I happened to be at a thrift shop and found this pretty wedding wrapping paper and matching ribbon, so went for that instead.

It cost me all of $3. But I didn’t have a bow to finish it off, so I poured a glass of grapefruit radler and got crafty, fashioning my own bow out of the thrifted ribbon and a button from my button box that matched it perfectly.

Not sure if it was the radler or what but I was pretty impressed with my finished product. Hopefully the bride was too (and the groom, I guess, but not sure if many grooms pay attention to things like the quality of gift wrap and bows. Mark may prove me wrong.)

What’s your favourite, creative way to wrap gifts?





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2 Responses to That’s a Wrap

  1. Waltrude Gortzen says:

    Gorgeous wrapping job!

  2. Marlene says:

    Beautiful job! One ‘fun’ way to wrap a small gift (that will inevitably get a ” wow, how did you do that?”) is to use an aluminum can. I use a safe edge can opener, remove the top of the can, wash it well and then place the gift inside. I hot glue the lid back in place. Applying a new label, usually a Happy Birthday message, is a nice way to cover up any glue on the seal.

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