All Dressed Up and Places to Go!

Guess whose hat?

I’ve had two excuses to get into costume in the last month and neither of those were Halloween. I have mixed feelings about costume parties. On one hand, I love them because it’s fun to get dressed up as something weird and it’s fun to see how a theme brings out the creativity in others. On the other hand, I hate the idea of spending money on something I’ll never wear again – it’s that frugal gene in me, I guess. So naturally, I turned to my favourite thrift shops in order to get what I was looking for.

Mary and Bert – and a spoonful of sugar!

The first costume need was for a Fairy Tale themed costume party hosted by our friends who do a themed costume party every year. We stretched the traditional idea of fairy tale a bit and went as Mary Poppins and Bert, the Chimney Sweep.

Here’s what it cost:

My skirt and blouse – $4 from Life’s Second Chance Thrift Shop in Abbotsford

My bowler hat – $7 from Evil Value Village (at Halloween)

Belt – $1.50 from Bibles for Missions in Abbotsford

Umbrella, carpet bag, spoon-full-of-sugar – owned or borrowed

John’s vest – $4 from Bibles for Missions in Abbotsford

Pipe cleaner for the Chimney sweeper – $2 from Michael’s ( i think…)

Hat, pants, shirt, shoes, mop handle – owned or borrowed

Pretty good right? We were pretty pleased with ourselves and I may even wear the skirt again – it’s 100% wool and fully lined.

the top hat is the best part

The second costume need was for my church’s Christmas banquet. I was part of a 4-piece band called Bob Cratchit and the Bookkeepers (I know, right?) and we styled our costumes after the Muppet Christmas Carol characters.

My shirt – $4 from Evil Value Village

My vest – $5 from SOS Thrift Shop in Steveston

My pants – $4 from Life’s Second Chance in Abbotsford

My hat – $10 from Evil Value Village (also at Halloween)

Jacket, pocket watch, ascot – owned or borrowed

Three of the four band members. All the top hats form Evil Value Village, most of the clothing rented, thrifted or borrowed.

Isn’t it fun? I also got top hats for all the gents in the band and glued holly to them. They all wore their own clothes or borrowed items, except for the tall bass player whose mom rented tails for him! I won’t wear the shirt again (it’s a man’s shirt and way too big for me), I already wear the pants to work all the time, they’re so comfortable. The vest is actually kinda fun and honestly, if the right opportunity arises, I’d wear that top hat again in a heartbeat, I love it so much.

not a great pic of me but it shows you the full effect, with the jacket.

Tell me how you feel about costume parties – yes or no?

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  1. Janet says:

    I love costume parties! They are a lot of fun providing opportunities for creativity. It also provides opportunity to talk about your costume how you came to the end result. It always surprises me to see so many creative ideas. As adults, when do we get a chance to have these fun times with friends enjoying the lighter side of life? By the way I love both of your costumes! : )

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