Caught in a (Bare)Trap!

my faithful tall boots that really need replacing. they’re not leather, but they’re made in Canada, which is a bonus.

I’ve been looking for new-to-me winter boots for months now. I have a pair of well-loved boots that I got from my sister over 4 years ago. She got them at a thrift shop and had worn them for a while already, so who knows how old they really are.

I demand a lot from my boots. Because I walk home from work (about a half hour), I need my boots to be comfortable and to support my feet properly so I’m looking for boots with little or no heel and really good tread. I need them to be water-proof – I live on the We(s)t Coast, after all. And because I’m too lazy to pack extra shoes to wear at work, I need them to be fashionable too – something I can wear with a skirt or tights and not look like I’m about to climb a mountain.

I also need them to be inexpensive – not because I can’t afford $300 boots but because I just cannot imagine spending $300 on a pair of boots. In a way that’s a little weird because I know that you get what you pay for. I’ve learned, the hard way, that often inexpensive means cheap. And I’ve told myself that with something like boots, I would be making an investment. Just look at how long my sister and I have worn the boots that she found at a thrift shop. If I spent $300 on boots and wore them for 10 years, which I surely would, that would average out to $30 a year for boots. Not a lot of money when you think of it that way.


aren’t they pretty?

So a couple of weeks ago, my sister and I visited Evil Value Village in Langley. My faithful readers will know that I dis VV all the time but one thing that they have over most shops is sheer volume. Their stores are so huge that you’re almost always going to find what you’re looking for. But having visited the VV in Abbotsford numerous times over the last several months and not finding anything, I decided to try my luck at the Langley one. And wouldn’t you know it, I was successful!

Stay Dry System seems to be working so far and look at the great tread!

After trying on about a dozen boots, I found these Bare Trap leather short boots and I love them. They’re lined with faux fur, they have a great tread and they are one of the Bare Trap boots with their patented Stay Dry System (meaning they’re water proof). I like how they look with a skirt or tights and I’ve worn them with jeans or dress pants as well. They’re very warm and support my feet beautifully. They’ve even held up to the freezing rain and slush we’ve had for the last two days.

I looked up this style of boot on the Bare Trap website and they typically run $99 USD. I got these for $11.75 CDN. I know, right?

What have you been seeking for ages?



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  1. Kathy says:

    Dark brown jeans or copper coloured jeans elude me🛍

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