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This is my amazing sister-in-law Kim, who is a genius thrift shopper and also a fantastic volunteer – so great with people!

I had the privilege recently of volunteering with my sister-in-law, Kim, at the Mission Thrift Shop in Ottawa. I also realized something while I was here: this thrift shop is exactly the same as the one I just blogged about that is in Langley and what is now known as Mission Thrift Shop used to be called Bibles for Missions – they are rebranding! (A good idea, methinks. The former name could be misconstrued as being a place that sells Bibles for the purpose of funding missions, the new name is much more descriptive.)

blue tags on clearance!

I like this shop. It’s a nice size – neither too big nor too small (although much smaller than the one in Langley.) The sorting areas are well laid out and clearly marked and there’s a good work flow established. The shop itself is also well laid out and has a great selection of product.

nice, big fitting rooms with enough hooks to hang things on

The volunteers are friendly and cheerful. I got to take part in their devotional and prayer time and observed the way they seem to be a family – having volunteered at a thrift shop in the past, I can attest to how quickly this can happen and how lovely it is to be part of a supportive and friendly group of people.

great boutique section

My job for the day was to cull all the blue tagged clothing from throughout the shop and rehang them in the clearance area. It gave me a great opportunity to see what they carry. I noticed a really good selection of quality brands in the women’s section (Talbots, Land’s End, Cleo’s, Northern Reflections, American Eagle, for example.)

three, great quality shirts

Because I was traveling and had to be mindful of the fact that I also had to carry stuff home, I held back on the shopping but I still managed to pick up a few gems. I found these three quality tops (Talbots, Croft & Barrow, and Chaps) and each one is like new.

love it when i find things with the store tags still on them!

but my big find was this made-in -Australia, Woolerina merino wool vest, with the $148 store tag still on it.

it says “men’s” but it fits me perfectly.

They were asking $40 but Kim bought it with her volunteer discount – so I got everything for $40. I love merino wool – it’s thin and light weight, really warm, not itchy. This vest will be fantastic for traveling because it packs so thin.

We visited a few other shops in town – so check back to see what else I found! In the meantime, tell me what you think about the rebranding of Bibles for Missions into Mission Thrift Shops.

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