Saints and Salvation

The Ottawa River in January – stinkin’ cold by West Coast standards but so beautiful and clear!

My sisters-in-law love to thrift as much as I do so we always manage to take in a couple of thrift shops when we’re together in Ottawa and always score some gems.

St. Vincent. He just looks like a kind person, doesn’t he?

We visited the St. Vincent de Paul shop on Wellington Street. St. Vincent de Paul thrift shops are part of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, which was founded in 1830 in Paris by Frederic Ozanam, a lawyer, author and professor at the Sorbonne, as a way to help the poor. The society took St. Vincent de Paul as its patron saint, known for his work with the poor, his compassion, generosity and humility. They have thrift shops in North America, Australia and New Zealand and do work in Europe as well.

great boutique section

I really like the layout of this shop. It has a real boutique feel to it with clothing that is well curated. They’ve got some amazing, high-end pieces – furs, designer labels, one-off custom-made pieces – offered at very reasonable prices.

if you have to wear fur, then second hand is the way to go.

They had a great selection of clothing, housewares and shoes. Not much furniture but what was there was quality vintage. My only complaint of the whole place was the lack of organization in the book department. As a book lover, I appreciate it when books are not only sorted by genre but also when they’re sorted alphabetically by author. Really, how hard is that?

I found this fantastic beret, fine wool, made in Italy. I’ve been looking for a black beret for a while now. I love the classic look of this hat and one of the bonuses that I had not appreciated until wearing this one while in Ottawa was that you can wear it for a long time and it doesn’t leave you with hat hair.

Also a great piece to travel with because it lies completely flat when you’re not wearing it – it’s easy to tuck in to a pocket or a bag without adding any bulk. This one cost me $9, which was a little on the pricey side but I think it’s because it was in their boutique section.

As our holiday to North Carolina and Ottawa came to a close, my hubby and I decided we needed another bag to help us get our treasures home.

who knew that Jeep made bags?

We visited one of the many Salvation Army thrift shops in Ottawa and found this fantastic gym bag made by Jeep.

Main body has lots of room, end pockets for smaller items, and daisy chain mesh on the front pocket to attach extras as needed. It was beautifully clean and almost like new – it cost us $4.99. Score! It really was nice to have the extra bag to bring things home in too.

What’s you favourite charity shop?


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