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The Marketplace by MCC CE is the latest venture from MCC BC. For the uninitiated, Mennonite organizations LOVE their acronyms: MCC CE is Mennonite Central Committee Community Enterprises. The BC is British Columbia. (The reality is that no matter how many letters they put after their name, everyone is going to call it The Marketplace, so why bother?) This is new territory for MCC because it is NOT A THRIFT SHOP. So don’t go in there expecting thrift prices. What it is, is a community enterprise and it is super cool.

The Marketplaces sells upcycled goods, products from local artisans (local meaning BC), some higher quality consignment clothing, and food products. It is not run by volunteers but by paid employees. They have a deli and bakery, so it’s a great place to go for lunch or afternoon tea and then shop for cool things.

The long-term goal is to also make this an employment training place where people can learn upcycyling, retail, food services skills.

The store is huge but beautifully laid out with large pergola-type structures that create “rooms” so that furniture pieces can be displayed to their best potential. Some of their products support women’s employment projects overseas. The consignment pieces are well curated and include jewelry, clothing and accessories.

My son has wanted a cast iron frying pan for ages and I had several to choose from here – he was thrilled when I brought this one home.

looks rustic, eh? ya, that’s actually my oven. don’t even try and talk about that to me.

there was another pan made in Canada but this one was in much better shape, so i went for quality over patriotism

I picked up these great, waterproof, Hush Puppies ankle boots (made in Canada!) for only $20.

i also like the paper bag packing materials that they use at the store.

The soles are in great shape and I’ve already walked home from work in them and they were very comfy.

fun fact: i didn’t notice the jewels in the watch face until i saw this photo.

I also picked up this Calinda watch for $10. These are always iffy purchases for me. I had to get a battery and had to have a couple of links removed so it would fit my wrist. That added an extra $25 to its value but I have been looking for something like this for ages with little success. It stopped working after two days but I took it back to the charming fellow at Quartz Jewelers (right across from London Drugs in the West Oaks Mall in Abbotsford), and he oiled the gears for me and it seems to be working again – fingers crossed!.

The Marketplace by MCC CE is located at 34377 Marshall Road in Abbotsford. They’re open 7 days a week and open late some nights so you can check them out after work or on weekends. Follow them on Facebook which is updated regularly with new goods coming in. If you’re looking for quality goods that support local artists, the environment (by upcycling) or are consigned, then the Marketplace offers great variety. Oh, and try their London Fog, it’s excellent!

What’s your favourite upcycled-goods-store?

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