Thrift Mentors in Victoria Part 2

My sister, Benita and my mom, Susan next to the cool wall mural at the WIN Restore on Cook St. in Victoria

I already mentioned last time how much my mom has mentored my sister and I in terms of thrift shopping. She just instilled in us a desire to find great quality products at a fraction of the price and made thrifting cool before that was a thing. (Thrifting is totally cool, right? Can I get an ‘Amen’?)

The three of us with our treasures!

My sister is also one of my favourite thrift partners – she just has a nose for treasures, like some weird sixth sense that helps her zone in past the junk to the gold.

So naturally, when the three of us decided to take a trip to Victoria for a weekend, we had to build in some thrift shopping. One of my favourite thrift shops is the WIN Restore. There are several of these in Victoria and they all support Women In Need – such a great acronym. There huge shop on Pandora didn’t yield the treasures we’d hoped for (although I did find a really nice shirt for my sweetheart) but the newly refurbished WIN on Cook Street was a jackpot. We all found something.

My mom is jewelry nut – she always says her first words were “ear rings”. So naturally, she gravitated to the jewelry cabinet and found these beauties.

Mom bought this beautiful bracelet as a gift for a friend

The ring and ear rings were not sold as a set but mom thought they went together well.

My sister is a grandma (yes, I am SO jealous) and found these super cute Peanuts Vans for her grandson

We gravitate towards Charlie Brown themed stuff for Kian because he was born with a Charlie Brown head and only recently started growing hair!

Also this fun Pete the Cat books – the illustrations in here are great and when Pete breaks into rock and roll, well.

any other Pete the Cat fans out there?

Not that she was only shopping for him, she also found this great shirt for herself.

Lands End clothing is usually great quality

And I scored this cute Eddie Bauer skirt, perfect for the smokin’ hot days we’re experiencing in Abbotsford this week.

gotta love clothes with pockets!

Who are your thrift mentors?

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