Fluevog Find!

This Fluevog pin is about the only thing Fluevog that I can afford!

I love Fluevog shoes. If you’re unfamiliar with John Fluevog and you love shoes, you need to acquaint yourself with this artist. He creates the most amazing shoes: unique, quirky, statement pieces that you can spot a mile away.

These shoes took a starring role in Bard’s “As You Like It” this past summer. I love that Fluevog supports the arts!

This past summer, Bard on the Beach put on a production of “As You Like It”, set in the 60s in Vancouver. The female characters were all wearing Fluevogs and all the women in the audience knew it – you could hear them discussing the shoes!

John Fluevog is a Vancouver shoemaker but his shoes are sold all over the world. They are amazingly comfortable. I love that he includes little messages on the soles of all his shoes, words to remind you of good things. I visited their flagship store in Gastown, Vancouver, several years ago just to try a pair on. It felt like I’d been wearing them for years. Oh my.

Here’s the thing, though; as with all good art, his shoes cost a fortune. (Insert heavy sigh here). For years I’ve said, “I’m waiting for a pair of Fluevogs to come into a thrift shop in my size.”

Well this past Friday (the 23rd of November) half of that wish came true. I was at the MCC Thrift Shop in Abbotsford and Liane, the boutique lady, approached me and said “Guess what came in? Fluevogs!” Alas, they were not in my size – they are a size 9 – but they’re in great shape and I love the message on the bottom of each boot. There was a time when I might have bought them to resell them but I’m not that interested in the resale side of thrifting anymore. So, if you’re a size 9 and you want a chance at a deal on Fluevogs, go check them out – they might still be there!

Anyone out there ever found a pair of ‘vogs at a thrift shop?

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2 Responses to Fluevog Find!

  1. Laura says:

    We’ve had a few men’s pairs come into our MCC thrift shop in Winnipeg. Most of our customers and volunteers were not familiar with them. I would snatch those ones you found for my daughter! I’m waiting for a women’s 10. Sigh.

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