Pop Up Thrift Shop

This pop-up thrift shop was in Abbotsford, BC

Yesterday, I visited a unique thrift venture by Generous Clothing – a pop-up thrift shop focused on vintage clothing in plus sizes. They took over an empty store-front in downtown Abbotsford and filled it with carefully curated clothes that the three founders have collected from all over the Pacific Northwest.

The shop was well organized and there was a wide variety of styles and sizes. They came up with their own sizing system, hanging items according to bust/waist/hip measurement ranges – which means they had to measure every piece of clothing! That’s a gift to their customers because, as we all know, sizing is NOT consistent between brands.

The shop also included accessories and their clothing was for every season. Everything that I looked at was clean and stain-free, so the curators really put effort into selecting items that were only gently used. It was pretty busy when I popped by, so clearly, this is something people are looking for.

I picked up this great wool blend long vest by Alfred Sung. It’s something I think I’ll wear forever, it’s such a classic look.

I also found a Lands End waffle cotton long-sleeved T. I love the quality of Lands End clothing, so when I find it in thrift shops and it fits, I buy it.

I love the idea of a pop-up for this kind of thing – it’s like a high end garage sale: doesn’t happen all the time and not always in the same location but when it does happen, it’s better quality stuff and there’s fitting rooms! The woman I spoke with at the check-out said that they are planning on doing this again, so follow them on Instagram and find out when their next pop-up shop will happen! Also, read this article from Vancouver is Awesome for more details on where they found their clothes and their motivation for creating this brand.

What do you think about pop-up shops?

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  1. V says:

    I personally love pop up shops – the thrill of the hunt is so calming for the time you’re in there

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