Tupperware – good or evil?

This May, my sweetheart and I will celebrate 33 years of marriage. (I know, right? And mostly bliss, for which I am very, very grateful.) Lately, I’ve been taking note of all the things that I still use regularly that we received as wedding gifts: casserole dishes, mixing bowls and measuring cups, serving platters… and Tupperware.

I love these cups and spoons – the shape of the spoons especially – but the spoons are so worn they don’t stay in the holder ring anymore.

I know that plastic is generally evil but honestly, if it lasts three decades, that’s gotta count for something, doesn’t it? (or is that the whole point? that it never dies?) I am trying to weed single-use plastics out of my life. I use cloth shopping bags. I have mesh produce bags and reuse the plastic ones I have over and over and over. I have stainless steel smoothie cups with stainless steel straws. I have stainless steel containers with silicone lids that I use for taking leftovers to lunch. I have glass ones as well but they have pathetic, plastic lids that do not last.

one of the motivators for getting more Tupperware was an infestation of cupboard moths last fall.

yup. more storage.

and i LOVE these spice containers. and clearly, i like spices that start with “c”.

Which brings me back to Tupperware. This stuff was made to last and I have a lot of it. Large containers to store dry goods, the aforementioned measuring cups and spoons, smaller containers for storing leftovers, two crispers, and more. But after 33 years, some of the lids for these containers are starting to wear out and don’t seal* properly.

doors opened at 9:30. this was 9:31.

So when my local MCC Thrift Shop announced on Facebook that they were going to have a huge Tupperware sale, I made sure I was there on opening day. Me and several dozen other people who know the value of this product! It was reminiscent of the Army & Navy shoe sales in Vancouver, only a little more polite.

All this for $49.70

I bought a wide variety of things (for myself and for my son) at a fraction of what this would have cost me new.

I am still pondering whether or not I made a good decision here. I could have simply decided that instead of replacing my Tupperware with more plastic, I should replace it with something else. I really like my stainless steel except I don’t like it that I can’t see what’s inside. I like the glass but it’s heavy in my backpack when I’m walking home from work – and I already told you about the crappy lids. At the end of the day, I succumbed to my deep, thrifting instinct and just got more Tupperware.

What do you think? Did I make the right choice?

*I know, dear reader, that Tupperware will actually replace broken product in perpetuity but my stuff is so old, that they don’t actually make those lids any more.

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8 Responses to Tupperware – good or evil?

  1. Sharon says:

    Great post. I enjoy reading your blog. I just came across the large Tupperware flour container in my garage & was thinking of selling it on Craigslist, but I think I will keep it now. Speaking of moths………..:-( we have them too & my Mom has them in her apartment. May I ask how did you get rid of those pesky moths.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Sharon! thanks for your encouragement! with regards to the moths, we did a few things. We threw out everything that had evidence of their presence (oats that looked like they had cobwebs in them, for example). We put everything in Tupperware or sealed jars. I washed out all my cupboards and then, I threw a peppermint tea bag and a spring of fresh mint onto each shelf – apparently they do not like mint. It took a long time but eventually they disappeared. We think they entered our house via a bag of peanuts that I keep to feed the Stellar Jays. I now keep those peanuts in a large Tupperware container!

  2. Laura says:

    I’m on the fence about this one too. I believe using the old is good, and keeping it out of the landfill. Also reducing consumerism by not buying new glass or other containers to replace all the plastic is good. I’m trying to use mason jars more when I need new storage, and I really like the different toppers you can get for mason jars (e.g. soap pump).
    In my recent experience, Tupperware doesn’t honour the lifetime guarantee anymore. However, individual sales reps may, as it’s good for business. I won’t buy new Tupperware anymore.

    • Hi Laura! i love mason jars too but sometimes when i’m buying in bulk, i can’t find jars big enough for what i want to store. i do appreciate your comments though about buying used and keeping things out of the landfill – hurray for Thrift Shops!

  3. That is awesome! If you need any warranty for any of your Tupperware.. feel free to give me a shout. I would love to own those spice shakers.. they are next in my *must own* list.. Thanks for sharing.

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