By the Side of the Road

The thrifting ethic runs deep in my family – I think we may actually have developed a gene (which sounds so much better than “addiction”, doesn’t it?)

Alivia in one of her natural happy places

My niece, Alivia, may actually put most of my family to shame. I visited her in the little basement suite she shares with her equally thrifty hubby, Luke. She indicated that nearly 90% of the things they own are either thrifted, gifted, or “found by the side of the road.”

So, naturally, I asked where exactly that road is.

Luke and Alivia on their honeymoon, hiking in Hawaii

While some of her furniture was, indeed, found and some gifted by family, other pieces come with a cool story.

love the wall display above the futon

They found this futon on Craig’s List and when they went to pick it up they just naturally started a conversation with the couple who were selling. They discovered that they all attend the same church and when the couple discovered that Luke and Alivia were relatively newlyweds as well as volunteers in the church, they gifted them the futon.

This beautiful wooden kitchen table was made by Alivia’s uncle, who is a gifted finish carpenter. I believe the chairs were also found by the side of the road.

Luke is working on honing these skills too. He is studying to be a high school trades teacher and has begun to create unique pieces for their home like this dog dish holder for Seymour.

That’s Seymour – Alivia says even her dog is second-hand.

Luke also made this beautiful bench, made from a reclaimed Cultas Lake park bench.

isn’t the pallet deck a great idea?

The teak patio table and chairs were found on that road she keeps talking about. The patio itself was made from palettes that Luke refinished and painted.

Consider this the “before” photo…

The canoe has its own story that I will tell you another day.

Mid-century modern chair, found.

moose antlers. also found. RIGHT?

Alivia and her dad built this kitchen island together

Luke built this nightstand. The bed linens were thrifted at (evil) Value Village


and then there’s this. also found by the side of the road by Luke. his favourite, apparently – not hers. but you know, with new cushions could be a pretty skookum chair!

Alivia has always been a thrifter, finding great deals on clothes and household items at brick-and-mortar thrift shops as well as online forums (oh, and that road, of course.) What’s encouraging to me is that this ethic/attitude seeps into most areas of their lives. She and Luke value things handed down to them and being able to reuse or recycle as much as possible. Alivia works for Parks, primarily at Cultas Lake in BC. Her love for the outdoors informs her care for the environment, something that thrifting is naturally a part of.

Now, if only she’d tell me where that road is…

Have you ever scored something great at the side of the road?


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