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the family that thrifts together, saves together

My two favourite thrifting buddies – my mom and my sister – and I visited BC’s Sunshine Coast this month for a girl’s getaway that included visits to brewery, a cidery, and a really great distillery, a boat trip up Princess Louise Inlet and, of course, thrifting.

We started in Gibsons, at the Community Services Thrift Store. (i apologize in advance for my slightly blurry photos. i promise, these were taken before visits to brewery/cidery/distillery!) This was by far my favourite, for a few reasons. I loved the layout of the store – it’s deceptively large, going back a ways.

love this little encouragement

They don’t start with the clothes, which is what everyone wants to see first, they start with knickknacks and glassware, you walk through the books to get through to the shoes and clothing.

a well organized book section is always appreciated

Their book section was very impressive – I didn’t buy anything because I already own most of what they displayed, proof that this is a well read community (ahem.)

the fellow at the till was really friendly

The staff was super friendly and they played GREAT music – all bonuses as far as I am concerned.

it feels so soft!

I picked up a book and this cosy long top, I love the twist detail.

anyone read this book? i picked it up based on the sales pitch on the back cover.

Our second stop was the Sally Ann.

Salvation Army Gibsons

I love the new graphics they’re putting on their stores and trucks.

all these wonderful, positive words in myriad languages. so cool.

I picked up a few greeting cards, my sister picked up a few cute t-shirts for her grandson, but my mom made the big score of the day.

I wish I had the “before” pictures. It was so dirty!

She has been looking for a Braun dough machine for years, trying to replace hers. At 80, my mom still bakes buns and desserts all the time, so arguably a dough machine is the most used machine in her home. She tried a Kitchen Aid but hated the stainless steel bowl and no one in Abbotsford seemed to be able to sell her what she wanted.

it came with dough hook, whisk, instruction booklet, etc.

So when she saw this Braun machine, with all the parts, for $5, she snapped it up. She had them plug it in first so she could listen to the motor and deemed it okay. I think it was so cheap because it was filthy but there is no dirt that my mother cannot clean, so she was pretty happy with it.

Salvation Army Sechelt, same graphics on the windows

Our last stop was the Sally Ann in Sechelt. A rainbow crosswalk led right to its front doors. This was a little smaller than the one in Gibsons but nicely laid out with pretty displays and again, friendly, cheerful volunteers. I came away empty handed from this one but I bet if I lived in Sechelt, I’d find some great deals eventually.

The view from Chatterbox Falls, Princess Louise Inlet

Although it’s called the Sunshine Coast, we did have cloudy/rainy weather but the nice thing about thrifting is that it is not weather dependent, so it was a great weekend all ‘round. My only advice if you’re going, is to reserve the ferry way, way, way in advance, or you run into the challenge we did: a 2 sailing wait. Good thing we like each other.

Have you been Destination Thrift Shopping this summer? Tell me your favourite!

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  1. maria wiens says:

    I loved the Elizabeth Berg book! I hope you enjoy it too.


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  2. Amanda says:

    Ohhh! That mixer! I grew up with one and inherited it when I got married. It works so well for bread making. Sadly, ours died a few years ago. And kitchenaid just isn’t the same (or big enough for that matter). I miss that mixer!

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