I love revisiting familiar thrift shops and seeing what they are doing to keep customers engaged. I recently went back to the Hidden Treasures Thrift Shop in Abbotsford, which supports M2W2 (a prison visitation ministry). I love this shop for a bunch of reasons: it’s small, it’s really affordable, and it has great volunteers.

I hadn’t been here for a while so it was cool to see some of the new displays they’ve got and the way they’ve revamped the front area.

I always like a friendly welcome

The newly revamped front area has nice displays and more of their collectibles

The furniture area in the back is very nicely organized, clean, and creatively displayed

I always appreciate a nicely organized book area

I made a few small purchases. I needed some thank you cards and really loved the vintage feel of these packets.

I also needed a nice picture frame for a new water colour I received that week from my son.

i look for photo frames that aren’t scuffed and make sure the hanging hardware is sturdy

et, voila!

And I also scooped up these fantastic wooden clothes pins – this was worth the visit, right here.

only $1.50!

I’m super picky about clothes pins and this box was filled with really good, non-snagging, sturdy, CLEAN clothespins. Score!

How has your favourite thrift shop refreshed its look recently?

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3 Responses to Refresh!

  1. Sandy Watson says:

    Hi….. Where in Abby is this? I love little thrift shops, and next time I’m in Abby, I’ll make sure to pop into this one.. Thanks

    • Hi Sandy! the shop is on George Ferguson Way in downtown Abbotsford. Just click on the hotlink i created above and it will take you to their website which has a map!

      • Sandy Watson says:

        Thanks.. I clicked on the link after messaging you. I’ll keep my box of thrifting items to take and give them when I stop in next week. Thanks for the heads up on that little place. Sandy 😊

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