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The Apple of My Eye

I’m fortunate enough to live in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, which means that I am actually close to a lot of the food I eat. One of my favourite places in the world is Willow View Farms. The … Continue reading

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Recipes for the Christmas Season: Vanillien Kifpeln

One of the things I – and let’s face it, everyone I know – love about the Christmas season is the food. You will laugh when I tell you that I have contemplated trying to lose weight at this time … Continue reading

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On the Receiving End

I have blogged in the past about giving thrifted gifts – something I do often – but this year, I was also on the receiving end of thrifted gifts and was thrilled! My son did nearly all of his shopping … Continue reading

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This is not news.

The front page headline of today’s Vancouver Sun read: “Thrift store chic draws budget-conscious shoppers on Boxing Day in Vancouver.” The story was all about people lining up to shop at the Kitsilano Salvation Army shop while down the street … Continue reading

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Peace on Earth, Good will to all

  I heard the bells on Christmas Day Their old familiar carols play And wild and sweet the words repeat Of Peace on Earth, Good Will to all! -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow   The three wise men and I wish you … Continue reading

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The Christmas Card Debate

This has been an unusual Christmas for me for a number of reasons, the least important of which has to do with Christmas cards. I haven’t received very many. (Yes, close family and friends, that is a definite hint!) I … Continue reading

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A few of my favourite (Christmas) things

We have a few Christmas traditions around the Dawson house. Gotta have a real tree. Gotta make short bread and a few other awesome cookies. Gotta watch Scrooged, A Christmas Carol (Alastair Sims version and the Muppet version), It’s a … Continue reading

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Disappointment in Victoria

While in Victoria earlier this month, I revisited a few thrift shops I visited in previous trips there. It was largely disappointing. I visited three shops: The Salvation Army on Johnson St., the Beacon Community Services thrift shop on Pandora, … Continue reading

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A Costly Christmas Wish

Being a thrift-hearted person does not mean I like cheap things, it means I like things of value, I just don’t want to pay a lot of money for them. But sometimes it’s worth it to pay a little more … Continue reading

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Real vs. Fake: the Great Debate

Well, not really. It’s not really a debate, I mean. Seriously what would you rather have: this? Or this? It’s not just a preference thing. As a person wanting to live at peace with my environment, and it actually seems … Continue reading

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