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By the Side of the Road

The thrifting ethic runs deep in my family – I think we may actually have developed a gene (which sounds so much better than “addiction”, doesn’t it?) My niece, Alivia, may actually put most of my family to shame. I … Continue reading

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GO CANADA! (on Olympic Thrift)

In honour of the Olympics beginning in Sochi today, I’m doing an Olympic Thrift Post! I can’t believe that it’s been 4 years since Vancouver hosted the Olympics. My family totally did them the thriftiest, cheapest way possible. We didn’t … Continue reading

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Penny Pinching in Portland

My sweetheart and I just got back from 4 days in Portland – the land of bicycles, parks, public transit and devotees of the “keep Portland weird” slogan. We didn’t drive our car once the whole time we were in … Continue reading

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Music on the Cheap

I love live music – there’s just something about watching a performer create their music right in front of you… it’s magic. I’m looking forward to attending a few concerts this summer: the iconic Canadian band RUSH, who were just … Continue reading

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Thrifty Theatre

One of my  passions – other than thrift shopping – is theatre. I LOVE going to the theatre. I love musicals, comedies, Shakespeare, drama, farce. There is something magical about being transported for a couple of hours to another place … Continue reading

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Aaron’s off to University

September 12: Here at long last is a photo of  Aaron’s new place. Coffee table ($10) couch ($35) and dinette set ($35) all thrifted – oh ya, so was the framed Wolverine poster in the background – don’t know how … Continue reading

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Summer Holiday Thrifting – Oliver, BC

My family goes to Oliver BC each year and spends a week at Lake Side Resort. This sounds very glamorous but it’s not really; Lake Side is simply that a place on Tuc el Nuit Lake (shallow and quiet, no … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Swag Whore

If there’s one thing I love more than a deal, it’s getting something for free. Last weekend, we celebrated our beloved son’s 19th birthday in Vancouver (our favourite city on the planet.) The city is celebrating its 125th anniversary this … Continue reading

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