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A thought for Black Friday

This lovely little image has been making the rounds on Facebook and I thought it was highly appropriate for this day – and all days. Let’s keep this in mind as we are increasingly bombarded with the pressure to buy … Continue reading

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A Parting Gift

Last week I finished working at a job that I’ve done and loved for 17 years, serving as Communications Writer for MCC BC. My colleagues held a potluck party for me, many of them bringing some of my favourite foods … Continue reading

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To be and not to buy

A couple of months ago I blogged about a wedding. Anna-Marie and Daniel got married in May and I was struck by the care and thought that went into their day. Nothing was done “just because that’s how it’s done” … Continue reading

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The Vintage Funk Emporium

An Update: Susan contacted me shortyly after this post was written, asking if I could include some information about a house fire that happened in Victoria last week. The three victims of the fire lived just up the street from … Continue reading

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Could you travel like this?

In a very short while, I will be heading off on a dream holiday with my hubby to bonny Scotland. Packing for a long trip is always a challenge. You want to pack for every eventuality but you also want … Continue reading

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How Much is Too Much?

Last week I passed up a pristine Kate Spade purse at the Salvation Army in Victoria because it was $20. A fellow MCC Volunteer, who works in the boutique section at the MCC Abby East shop, said she almost jumped … Continue reading

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