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Rare Kilt, Great Seamstress

About a year ago, my mom bought me a kilt at the MCC Centre Thrift Shop in Abbotsford. Because she is a faithful volunteer, she gets a discount so this beautiful, vintage kilt came to a whopping $7.50. A quick … Continue reading

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink!

When I first began this blog in 2011, I had a few goals in mind. I wanted to share my passion for thrift shopping for a variety of reasons: support for charity, support for volunteerism, keeping things out of the … Continue reading

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Reclaim Mending

I’ve blogged about my lovely friend Anna-Marie before. Anna is one of the most authentic people I know, someone who truly tries to live her life with as small a footprint as possible. She has tried to live out her … Continue reading

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Faldas, Sinhs and Putting my Money where my Mouth is

This is a post about fabric, similarities and differences between cultures and the real cost of fashion. In 2008, I had the extraordinary opportunity to visit Laos through my work with MCC. Part of my experience there was a village … Continue reading

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Shopping in your own home

For month and months I’ve been looking for a little table to put between my two rocking chairs in my living room. I have hunted in vain. We were making due with a little teak folding table – the kind … Continue reading

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the Art of Repurposing

When I think of thrift and peace – I often think of being at peace with the earth, by which I mean using thrift as a means for keeping things out of the landfill. You may not always be able … Continue reading

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To alter or not to alter, that is the question…

I bought these great Bluenote jeans at Above the Underground in Abbotsford last week.  For various reasons, this cool little thrift shop/retail training store is going to be closing on May 25th. (I’ll update this blog with a link to … Continue reading

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