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I Can Do That

My friend Julia is a creative person with an old soul. She has done a number of creative things over the years including scrap booking and card making. She’s always loved thrift shopping, looking for vintage things and antique furniture. … Continue reading

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The Paper Hound Book Shop

My sweetheart and I spent a night in Vancouver celebrating my birthday. We stayed at the Victorian Hotel, a quaint little place on Howe and Pender. As it happens it was right around the corner from the Paper Hound Book … Continue reading

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Purge, Don’t Organize

Last week something came over me and I cleaned a room in my house. Not just any room but the room we euphemistically call “the crafts room.” Most of you have a room like this in your house only you’re … Continue reading

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Resolution Update

So, remember that New Year’s Resolution? (I mean mine, not yours. You can stop feeling guilty now.) I resolved to do something about waste: create less and bring less into my house. So I thought I’d update you on how … Continue reading

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Actively Thrifty

It’s a New Year and now that the bills are rolling in, it may be that even the most thrift-minded among us are feeling the results of excessive generosity and celebration. (Hopefully that’s not too painful a feeling!) It might … Continue reading

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Living Frugally

When you think of a thrift lifestyle, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it shopping at a thrift shop, looking for great deals on things you need or things you simply want? Is it about looking for … Continue reading

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Eco Fashion Week – good thing or fad?

Eco Fashion Week begins this coming Sunday in Vancouver. According to their website, its mission is: …to educate the Apparel and Textile industry on how to shift towards more healthy ways to design, manufacture, distribute, market and sell their products. … Continue reading

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Simplifying Life in the Kitchen

My hubby and I have been on a two-week cleanse diet: no caffeine, no sugar, no dairy, no gluten, no red meat, no processed foods. While that sounds kind of onerous, I realized pretty quickly that this is not a … Continue reading

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Simplifying Life

I love it when people come up with ideas to solve problems. In the past two weeks, I’ve had two websites come to my attention that do this perfectly. Resource Furniture These folks take living small to a whole new … Continue reading

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For Better (not worse!)

John and I had the privilege of emceeing a wedding last month for a couple from our church. It was a beautiful wedding, held at Mt. Lehman Winery in Abbotsford. The ceremony took place in the barrel room, with the … Continue reading

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