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Olympic Merch – Patience is Key

You’ve heard of the Slow Food movement – the idea that you spend time preparing food from scratch as opposed to the chemical/fat/sugar laden fast food – right? Well I think thrift shopping could be called Slow Shopping. It’s inherently … Continue reading

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Thrifting in Kitsilano

Last week I had the opportunity to spend a morning in Vancouver in the Kitsilano area, so I checked out two new-to-me thrift shops. Salvation Army – 2714 W.Broadway just east of MacDonald This isn’t an overly huge Sally Ann … Continue reading

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Do you believe in Thrift Faeries?

I do. Every once in a while, I feel like the thrift faeries can foresee the future and they stay my hand at one point in order to guide me to another, better deal. This happened to me today. A … Continue reading

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