Everybody loves a sale

Even though you already know you’re getting a deal when you shop at a thrift shop, you’re still thrilled when you hit a 50% off sale. That’s what happened last night at MCC Abby East’s Back-to-School sale, which had a surprise: turned out they gave 50% off on everything to anyone, whether they were going back to school or not. Yippee yahoo!!

So here’s the fun haul:Great Gap sweater for Aaron

Perfect Pinkish Shirt for Aaron. Aaron has had a history with pink. For years he was known for his pink bandana (pictures of which I am not allowed to post here) and while he’s outgrown that, he still favours the colour, proving that pink is not just for girls. Most blonde, blue-eyed people look really good in pink, I think. Dashing Denver Hayes sweater for John.

A little light reading: Out of the Silent Planet, C.S. Lewis, The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkein (we already own this but since both Aaron and I want to read this before the movie comes out this Christmas, we bought another copy so we can both be reading it at the same time), Crime and Punishment, Dostoyevsky (I realize now that I’ve never read this, have you? Is it a good read?) and a Sherlock Holmes collection of his novella length stories. What might surprise you, is that all of these are Aaron’s picks for himself to read.

Luna Halo ‘Shimmer’ CD. Also Aaron’s I can’t tell you anything about this CD or this band. Sorry.

Lunch kit for John – never been used.

And the best thing I bought at the sale was this basement-suite-warming present for Aaron and his new roommate: a Chia pet – because they’re not allowed any other kind of pet. But the best thing about this buy was that it came with, wait for it, Chia pet playing cards. I know, right?! Best $1.25 I ever spent!

I also bought some small card-sized envelopes and some odd-sized craft envelopes. The whole kit and caboodle came to $18.25. Pretty stoked, we were.

What’s the best $1.25 you’ve ever spent?

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6 Responses to Everybody loves a sale

  1. Sixballoons says:

    Yep read C and P, it is a must read.

  2. sonja everson says:

    Those Chia pet cards are the best! What a great haul!

  3. Van says:

    I’d love to set up that chia pet myself. I’ve never owned one but have always wanted to grow one. I do -eat- chia seeds though, amazingly nutritious and delicious 😉

    • you know, i’ve been wondering about that, whether or not these particular chia seeds would be edible OR if the sprouts themselves would be edible. i mean, who knows how old this is? and back when these were really popular (70s? 80s?) people certainly didn’t grown them for food back then. i should get my son to try!

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